What's the avg $$ you're seeing for JC mounts

I recently hit exalted and got the Onyx recipe, and haven't seen anyone selling any of the 4 mounts on my server. I've got the mats to make a yellow one, or any other if I get my hands on some extra colored gems (Fairly easy)... Just wondering how high people are going for these? I'm thinking of asking 100K to start then dropping closer to 50K. Mats alone ran me around 25K.
Saw a yellow last night on my alliance server for 60k, though I doubt I would pay more then 30k.
I'm thinking 50-60K would be fairly reasonable, considering that people are selling other mounts for 150-250K on my server. Doubt they sell, but there's a few that come and go.
Oh, it is perfectly reasonable...just more then I am willing to pay for the mount. Not really a collector, and I expect the price to drop.
Ones on my server are being advertised for 40-50K. I haven't seen what they're actually selling for, but about 45K seems right. The special all-in-one thing is going for... 180K, I think is what I saw it for.

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