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*Star of Eternal Blossoms* is an all Pandaren Order inspired by the August Celestials (the four demi-gods of Pandaria) and their long-protected sanctum, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The order is RP first. That being said we are hybrid RPers as we will be doing dungeons/raids as noted below in paragraph 2, and PvP/World PvP as noted below in paragraph 3.

Raiding will be essential as the story involves four followers - each from their native Celestial clans (The Jade Serpent Clan, the White Tiger Clan, the Red Crane Clan, and the Black Ox Clan) working together as one to combat the forces of the Sha and save their nation from a great undoing. With them come followers of those clans who better aid int he strengthening of the united bond between the Celestials.

PvP/World PvP will be essential due to Anduin Wyrnn playing a heavy role in aiding the Transcendents of each clan to take shape, and thus the clan has, by default, allied with the Alliance to do away with the unwanted destruction coming into fruition by the horde's new Warchief.

The Order has four branches each represent a Celestial and its virtuous magics. The houses separate members by class specialization, making that house your RP focus and gameplay focus. Each house has a special force and virtue the member of that house must be taught to uphold. Our ideas were lore influenced, but credit does go to other outside influences. Here's a simplified list of the houses and what they represent in gameplay terms:

The Jade Serpent - The house of healing, resides in Faith, Balance, Benevolence.

The White Tiger - The house of offensive styles, resides in Awareness, Determination, and Perseverance

The Black Ox - The house of Defensive styles, resides in Tenacity, Resilience, and Loyalty.

The Red Crane - The house of arcane magics, resides in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

Once again, we aren't a casual RP guild. You must be an RPer to enter and you must love it! Role play is fun when you know how to implement it into your gameplay! This guild is not for those who only care about how many people are in the guild and the guild level. Even if you're new to RP, we seek people who wish to join MAINLY for the enjoyment of RP, but are happy to be involved in our active gameplay teams. That being said, the just started not even a week ago, and is already level 6+, but if we get more of us epic RPers together, we can get to 25!

Role play events will take place once or twice a week - depending on how many can members can be involved on said day. We hope to gain more active and dedicated members to make this guild all it can be. A toast to the Star of Eternal Blossoms!

Seek us out in-game, whether by mail or by whispers, and let us speak with you and get a good understanding of you and why you wish to join!

If we accept you, and you accept us, then please apply to our website (app questions currently) and join us! We hope to hear from you soon!


GM - Azukai
Officer - Peilei
Officer - Jinyan
Nice to know this is indeed effective. Hopefully, we find more to join us.
Yeah, hopefully we get more joining in. :) I'll be updating this post when possible.
So many new Panda guilds. Good luck though and nice G/name
Thank you!

On behalf of my Lady Eowynn & House Blackstone, I would like to extend an inventation to each member of your Order to our annual Hallow's End Costume Ball. For more information please read here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6933233491

-Norforic Silverstone, House Blackstone Recruitment Office

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