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I recently built a new PC and WoW is behaving very unreliably. I'm constantly getting artifacts and the screen will quickly flash black for a moment.

I've checked temps, and the video card never gets above 53c. The CPU has hit 61c.

My video card is a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870.

Video drivers are up to date as well.
What is the power supply?
Both PCI-E power plugs installed into graphics card?

I assume you did not OC the graphics card.

Seems like your GPU has faulty VRAM.
Power supply is PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500.

Everything is plugged in.

Nothing is OC'd.
Then I'll say your graphics card has faulty VRAM. Try testing the card in another working PC to be sure.
Unfortunately I have no other PC's available. I may just end up sending back the card. I have been reading that this card has quite a few problems for people, so I was wondering if it's really just an isolated incident and I can pick up another of the same card, or if I should just choose another card.

If I were to pick a different card, what would you recommend that would have similar capabilities?
GTX 660 costs slightly more, and is slightly behind HD 7870 in all games except in nVidia favored games. HD 7870 can OC and thoroughly destroy GTX 660 as GTX 660 doesn't OC well at all.

GTX 660 Ti costs about $100 more, and is slightly ahead HD 7870 in all games.

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