This is upsetting

I was really excited to start this expansion off good and have a great arena season as disc and its just not going to happen. If i want to be competitive what so ever in Arena I have to go shadow and thats if shadow is even going to scale out well. So far it seems to be alright, not as op as it was at 85 of coarse. I just wish disc was going to be the spec to play. Just venting. no qq
Yeah.. Warriors are stupid. I'm srsly raging right now. Melee in general are just destroying me in bg's atm
I have 54% damage reduction from resilience and it doesn't fix it, so in short we're screwed and blizzard took so many away from priest, they cannot fix us with a minor patch
We will have to play with a mage and I think wed be fine. Arena wise.
no, you need a Boomkin. They give Cyclone. Having a CC other than Fear is amazing.

But my long time Warrior friend said that Warriors always start out really great and get nerfed as time goes by. It seems Priests have the opposite path, we start out bad and then get buffed.
Priest (Specially Disc) are unplayable... we getting one shotted, we can't move freely as other healers class, our MP5 SUCK and all our spell are expensive compared to other healers.
I haven't had enough time to get around Disc spec in arenas / battlegrounds so much.
What I'm reading at this moment from you guys scares me a little bit. (In Queue to enter realm atm)

Guess I'll go back to Holy in pvp :)
It's supremely depressing.
I just got hit for 53k by a hpally - meanwhile my smite is hitting for the same as it used to in cata.
10/02/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Thanë
It's supremely depressing.

Makes me want to HURT PEOPLE with actual PHYSICAL VIOLENCE
Personally Blizz pulled one of our biggest hit by putting devouring plague on a the shadow orb cast for best damage and the cut they did on the mind seer is retarded compared to all the other members in my guild for and not including pvp they do 2 times the amount of damage aoe and single target then i do and i can do a single thing about it blizz did it to us in wrath cata and now in mists every time a new expansion comes into play we suck then by the forth raid drop we get better "a little" i am so ready to change my main to stop the pain of getting nerfed of the start and people not wanting anything to do with us.

I don't have Mists yet, but this doesn't sound good for priests. My main is a priest and I would hate to experience how they are now nerfed into the ground. How is holy pvp?


Useless they can be easily broken, in even the smalled aoe, a good shaman with fire totem up is enough.

Our best bet so far from my experience has been just to pray you get a craptacular comp.

Both disc and shadow in 2's so far has been enough for me to start leveling a monk.

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