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Posting this here to see if I get anymore response.

Would love to have some more feedback on the subject.
I have to agree with many of the people that posted. I love small guilds over large guilds any day. There is a sense of family and camaraderie that you can't seem to get in large guilds. Not that they don't have them, but as some have already said, it gets cliquish.

And there is a sense of growing with the guild in accomplishments and as it levels...that cannot be done in large one, as they are already there (level 25).

I love growing from a small intimate guild to a larger and fun guild that begins raiding and helping each other, and the lower level alts and such. And as you expressed - throw in RPing, and it is Nirvana, the best of the best!
So, I am still looking for a few good rpers to come and join us. Very laid back, small guild. We have a couple new recruits, but looking for more. The slate is wide open you can choose your roles and make your story part of the guild's story. Simply put, we are trying to restore balance to the world. Exploring the new continent and lovingly accepting pandarens and all other races.

Feel free to send Wulfdancer an in game email to let me know when is the best time to contact you for a short IC interview. That way you can get to know us and we can have a good start in rping the guild's dynamics. I have several alts, so if you don't see me on, then email is best bet in game. I play nearly all day and into the night. Pacific time zone.

The server is Wyrmrest Accord and even if there is a short que time, it will relax a bit soon when the new wears off and people get settled. I hear that they have increased the amount of people allowed into the servers? I am not a techie so I have no idea how to explain that. Anyway, see you in game!

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