[H] Elemental Offspec Resto Shaman

As the title above states. Currently looking for a guild that raids from 4am Server time onwards. (Oceanic guilds).

Experienced raider with high raid awareness since days of No iCD Windfuries, with multiple 85s across US servers to Taiwan servers (Yes my friend conned me to go there for better ms >_<).

Onegai ~!
Our second raid group is looking for a handful more members to fill out the team. If you're keen send through an application to http://www.onineko.org/ and we can see about bringing you in for that.
Thanks for the generous offer Roaktahl, but unfortunately the raid time is an hour earlier than what I can possibly manage. However if there is a change of raid kickoff time, I would be very much interested in joining the fray.
Bumping up. Currently 3/6 MV cleared 4/6 experienced. Topping DPS as a PuG in an organized guild run.

Thanks to the guild who was kind to even provide me with Pots and Flask, well worth my time to work hard for them during the weekend! Will not name the guild though. Although I did bring mine they insisted I take them.

2nd Bump... Looking for 3v3 Arena Partner as Elemental. Blowing nubs up is getting boring for points in 2s. Need to wait till I get my PvP trinket first though @_@. Or perhaps a constant RBG group?

Time same as usual : Anytime on Weekends ; 4am - 10/11 am Server time on weekdays.

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