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So I went along with a pug to try out the new raid and had some difficulty on the first boss. I was tanking so I was mostly just concerned about my cooldowns and staying out of puddles as I tanked two guards, so I mostly got random glimpses as to how people were dealing with Japser Chains and the amethyst puddles.

We had the Jade, Amethyst, and Jasper guardians to deal with.

I'm sure we were probably doing something a bit stupid since it was everyone's first time in the place, so if anyone can enlighten me as to how to handle the fight it would be greatly appreciated. The youtube videos I can find seem to be a bit lacking.
It's safe to stand apart to break the chains when Jasper is active because being petrified by an active jasper stone guard means you take 90% reduced fire damage. Don't spread out to break them if he's about to pop his energy load, or else your chains will pick up in damage and slaughter you.
Never let a guardian get over ~60 energy (they gain faster the higher stacks)
always have the empowered guardian with the 2 set.

Collect loot.
^ Not true, its about 1.7 energy PER second regardless of what the raid does
Ended up going through with another pug that did a bit better and main weak point was people just standing in puddles. Thought I was seeing it a lot in first raid and now I think that was probably the only real issue.

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