Potion Mastery Worthless Now?

The only item that uses Spirits of Harmony for alchemists is Living Steel, or you can use them to buy Golden Lotuses. People are being really, really cheap about the lotuses, so there's not a lot in the way of elixirs floating around. However, everybody wants Living Steel, and lots of it. I really wanted to do Potion Mastery, because everyone and their dog does the other two, but after some soul searching I realized there's not a lot of use in it, is there? This is mainly posited upon thinking about what an alchemist would do with spirits of harmony -it's either buy Golden Lotuses or burn them for Riddle of Steel, and while that devalues Elixir Mastery, it stiffs Potion Mastery right up, unless all I want to do is just spam the marketplace with Master healing and mana potions.
i would agree that in most cases potion spec is probably the weakest of the 3 but i don't see how that's related to golden lotus.

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