In a war which bug race would win?

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In an alternate dimension the Mantid, Silithid and Nerubians are at war. Assuming they all clashed and they were all at the peak of their empires.

Would a can of bug spray on one side be cheating?

Anyway, Id say the Klaxxi would lose, Silithid 2nd and Nerubians first. The Nerubians have always had the biggest empire, covering all of Northrends underground and what not.
Mantid, not Klaxxi. Klaxxi is a group within the mantid.
I love Mantid... But I also love Nerubian... Mantid.... but Nerubian...

I can't decide.
I vote for Nerubians, seeing as they took several years for the Undead Scourge to defeat, while the other two took a few months to destroy.
The Twin Qiraji Emperors work to get the other two empires to fight each other then sweep in and wipe them both after they've exhausted their forces.

I'm honestly not sure myself. I was around in vanilla to get up to date with all the lore on the silithid. I haven't done enough of the mantid yet and the Nerubians seemed like they didn't really have anyone to contend with in Northrend they just kept to themselves under ground.
Qiraji would probably win. The Nerubians are only an offset race of Aqir forced to adapt to Northrend's harsh climate due to their wars with the Trolls. And do keep in mind that they have an Old God in their basement for defensive reasons. The other two bug races don't even have a hulk.
Nerubians. Because anything that chooses to live in Northrend is badass.

....Oh what you thought because of their human disguise that they were humanoid energy beings? No....they are much more devious in nature than that! They're energy bugs!

The Mantid have ultralisks...

... Ultralisks that can fly.
Going with Qiraji on this one.
Hm, well the Nerubians had the largest empire, and they seem to be the most civilized. It could merely be the sheer level of desperation the scourge has reduced them to, but if push comes to shove it seems like they'd be the ones who could actually seek out allies outside their own kind. They, however, clearly had a standing animosity between themselves and Yogg Saron, the most active of the Old Gods between the three contestants.

The Qiraj seem to mostly rely on sub-sentient swarms of "silithid" to make or break their armies, and while they're in line with C'thun, it's clearly the weakest of any of the still living Old Gods. The Titans hit it so hard they didn't even bother to bottle it up, unlike Yogg.

The Mantid, meanwhile, while devoid of any Old God patronage, do seem to be the most technologically advanced, using weapons instead of (or alongside) claws, and even advanced knowledge of genetic manipulation. They've even got the whole "balance of political powers" thing going on in theory, another sign of advancement over the other insects.

I'd call it a tossup between the Mantid and the Nerubians, slight advantage to the Mantid.
10/03/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Ericartman
The other two bug races don't even have a hulk.

Mantid have Kunchong and the Nerubians have giant spiders like Maexenna and such, plus Jormungar.
Mantid seem awfully dependent on their trees though.

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