New Symbiosis Changes

It really appears they changed it so what we give out is pretty darned useless, but what we get back can be pretty nice pending who we cast it on. Like, they changed it so people won't require a druid in every group so they *receive* some useful symbiosis spell. This basically allows us to make the choice who we want to cast it on, and what spell we want in return, rather than being stuck to giving it to classes we provide for, but may not get something so nice back from. It turns the spell into one all about us, rather than them....though >.> that guardian/dk set up was pretty win-win.

Sounds like this has changed from symbiosis to parasitism.
These changes were made so that groups aren't punished for not having a druid to give the tank another cooldown. It's a great change that frees us up to put it on targets for our benefit.

I don't know about you guys but I'm having a blast lifegripping priests all over the place. After suffering through it all through cataclysm its time for some payback. Also getting iceblock and deterrence is great for dungeons when you have adds on you and shadowmeld is on cooldown.
Symbiosis is still just a gimmick to me. I mean, it has obvious uses, but based on its casting restrictions, it means that most of the options will go unused. I also feel like feral's options are the most boring out of the 4 specs. I'll probably end up using dispersion for PvP and any one of feral spirits, redirect (should really already have this), and maybe soul swap for PvE, none of which are exciting at all, except maybe dispersion. The other options could be useful in certain situations, but again, the out-of-combat/cast time limitation means they'll see little use unless the druid is just screwing around.
I have a sneaking suspicion that they just drew names from a hat at an early morning meeting one day after a drunken party. BAMM! Symbiosis!
I'm honestly disgusted. They beta tested this and KNEW before hand that this would happen and they still let it go live -- let us play with it for a week and took it away. It's kinda BS because I was using it on my DK tank all the time. Beyond that, I literally feel like I have no use for this spell anymore.

Mages get cool !@#$ like shifting back time ... shamans get a new 'form' ... and we get a dumbed down waste of a spell that was balanced around pvp and is completely useless to raiders. My only bet now is still dumping it on my DK tank, since I get AMS.
10/03/2012 06:41 AMPosted by Spiral
I just didn't understand why prot pallies got wrath. Now that's a dumb choice.

My co-tank loves 160k non-crit Wraths. There is a lot of chances to cast while not tanking in Mogu'shan.
First off none of the spells are actually helpful anymore. Barkskin and Savage Defense were awesome because of how hard some mobs hit in heroics. I thought "hey maybe I'm not going to get anything useful, but at least the tank could get something." now it's just an embarrassment to use that spell. Tranquility on a shadow priest? These choices make no sense. Heals deserve healing spells, and dps deserves dps spells. Don't try to give non healers healing cooldowns. They're morons compared to the actual healers. Fix this spell blizzard...

Also in response to Saeilfa,
if your offtank is dpsing, Wrath is preferred because he's probably in ret. If WE the druid aren't getting any REAL benefit from this spell then it's pointless to have, and I'd rather have it taken away.
10/04/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Sissyboi
if your offtank is dpsing, Wrath is preferred because he's probably in ret

Except he's not, he's protection. As I said, plenty of chances for the second tank to DPS during the boss fight in Mogu'shan.

10/04/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Sissyboi
Tranquility on a shadow priest?

Are you serious? This is the single best reason to have a shadow priest if you have a druid in your raid at all ;)
Woah man don't tell them what you're going to use it for, they'll take that away too!
I have no problems with them taking away the extra tanking cool downs. I, at least, have seen how awesome protection paladin Wraths are =D

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