<Euphonic> 12/16 Heroic LF DPS

Looking for a Lock to Raid this week
did all the warlocks die in cata?
No. We don't exist.
LF Power House Dps
found a lock they exist
I do not exist, I'm just a fixation of your imagination.

I'm Raisins, and I approve of this message.
exceptional dps is needed
youre a ugly belf
Reroll troll!
Looking for an Ele Shaman
Dps come be our buddies
if sandy takes some of us we will need a new resto shaman and mage.
Bump for Dps of all sorts
Shadow priests come and be our friends
....sandy is rude
Free bump! Hope you all are doing well! <3 Zins
I don't know you panda lady !
Still looking

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