Recruiting. 25m 8/8(H)DS - 1/6 MSV

Feng to 30% on the 2nd attempt.

We're a 2-night guild. 25M always and forever.
Wednesday - 5:45PM - 9:00PM server time
Sunday - 5:45PM - 9:00PM server time.

As of Wednesday, October 3rd....
We're recruiting two spots for ranged DPS, and always exceptional players of any class and spec.

Specific openings for:

Put in an app and we can pull you in Sunday for the Feng and Gara'jal kills.
Looking for you to be at least 460 (ideally over 465 though) and have a great understanding of your abilities with enough muscle-memory to execute them during heroic encounters that hog all your attention.

If you have enough knowledge of your spec and rotation to come in and just push the good buttons and expect that to suffice, you're wrong. you're gonna get smashed.

Before you apply, make sure that you...
-Parse high. and know wtf you're doing.
-Don't have to be told what to do. We're not going to explain fights to you. we're competitive.
-Have a computer than can handle 25M content. If you're rockin the 10FPS during AOE pulls, that's not gonna cut it. Particle Density on low doesn't work either.
-Can be at, or near 100% raid attendance.

Reply here.
or reply on an alt with your tag for a bit of anonymity.
or put in an app at

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