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Has anyone else found that while healing heroics, it's possible to go AFK on most trash pulls without ever endangering the party? I'm finding I barely cast any heals on trash, and spend boss fights spamming lightning bolt because nobody is taking damage. It's rare for me to ever lose more than 1/3 my mana in any fight, unless I'm tanking the boss while healing (which has happened...twice.)
I know heroics were supposed to be easy to help people gear into raiding, but it would be nice if there was a point to bringing a healer, other than the rare occasion a DPS stands in the completely obvious fire and loses 10K health.
I'm finding I don't want to try to get a full set of gear from heroics, because I'm not playing the game, I'm watching others play. Woo.
The problem isn't just that I want a challenge, it's that I'd like to have a useful and relevant role in heroics while gearing up. I guess my options are AFK, queue as heals and play as DPS, or just queue DPS =\
The first few days were challenging for healers, while everyone was still trying to gear up. Now that people have somewhat appropriate gear, it's significantly less challenging. I know that I respond to healer requests to pull more / pull faster, so maybe you need to ask your tank to make things interesting for you?
You already outgear the difficulty. Most people know that mechanics by now as well so they know what to avoid.

Challenge modes and raiding will up your stress level if that is what you are looking for. Normal heroics are not going to be very challenging once you have 455 gear.
1. you out gear most things
2. shamans are fairly strong right now,not Over powered but strong
3. last half of shando-pan trash, still... ouch
Yeah, they're ridiculously easy. I healed Scholo last night in 424 healing gear with the tank chain pulling through the instance and had to drink maybe once.
Try maxing your DPS while also healing. I managed to come 3rd on DPS in one run..

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