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Is it posible to freeze my acount so that if I'm not going to play for X amount of time I dont lose those already paid days?


I have 2 months of paid time, I want to freeze my acount because I'm not gonna play for 1 month. So when I unlock it, I still have my 2 months of paid time
Right now, this option is not available.

You can suggest it in the general forum, but seeing as it is like that since release, I doubt they'd do it.

You can always try to call billing to see if they have some special policies about it. At the end they are the only ones who could do it. But I would not keep hopes.
10/03/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Kragarn
It would be something Blizzard can easily do, the fact they haven't provided such a mechanism .. or even better and still simple, implement a per-day-played scheme .. in the 8 years this game has been around, indicates their business model is to maximise revenue to them , not cost to their customers.
First, which MMO do it? None.

Secondly : of course they try to maximize revenues, they are not a charity organism. Every lucrative industry try to maximize revenue, its just normal. I can ask my cell phone company to hold my invoice for some times, but it will cost me to do it, they will not just do it for free.

If I plan on going in vacation for 2 months, I will still needs to pay my appartment's rent even though I wont be home. We pay to have the right of access to the game for a X duration of time. What we decides to do during this time is irrelevent.

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