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Mobile Bug Report
I found a bug when I went to go relist an item. I was going to relist a level 20 leather chest piece when I looked at the items' details: 30920 Intellect and 30920 Agility. Found the same bug on a level 19 Outrunner's Chestguard of the Bear: 10910 Strength and Stamina.

30920 intellect translates to about 309200 mana
30920 agility translates to like 300% crit
10910 strength = 21820 attack power
10910 stamina = 109100 health

Conclusion: Power of a level 85 at 19 = End of the world

This kind of power is only available on a private server that increases item stats by 2000%
What device model, OS version, Mobile Armory version, and network carrier do you have? Rooted/jailbroken?

We'll take a look into this. Thanks!

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