You guys ever just quit end game?

I'm sorry maybe I should have structured that statement better.

Blizzard has put in mechanics that have wrecked server communities and even now they decided to actually wreck servers themselves.

Crz is it's own beast and I don't want to derail the thread.

Before LFD me and guild mates would usually pug a couple spots for dungeons and raids and it was great. We met some awesome people and even gained new guild members that way. That is the type gameplay I liked versus queuing randoms with strangers from other servers.

I do like being to group cross server though but in end game I have always liked meeting people from my server.

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I quit 2 weeks after Cata came out and didn't return for well over 9 months. I'm thinking about doing it again too. PvP was the big thing I was looking forward too, and I feel like I got scammed.
10/05/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Rubbermallet
I quit 2 weeks after Cata came out and didn't return for well over 9 months. I'm thinking about doing it again too. PvP was the big thing I was looking forward too, and I feel like I got scammed.

Try twinking at 85. I have been having a blast buying BOE's for all my neglected 85's I had laying around.
OP is a gun imho, bro... ALL my characters get levelled in BG's ! i end game pvp casually also but alt pvp is great !!!!! by having a bunch of diff chars in different brackets you never get bored !

to many crew rush to lvl cap, then rush to get geared... at what point did they actually enjoy the game ?
So far twinking my 85 alts has been hilarious. My lock in all 415 to 425 gear running around with 180k health and chaos bolts hitting for 217k.
85 twinking seems much more better to me and my friends. They say that 85 bg's are more balanced than 80-84. I hate this mage ever since MoP came out. Since I made a 90 Disc Priest and focused on her all the time, I forgot how to play this mage and lost interest later on. 80-84 queues are far too long. I've waited for a bg que for more than an hour. Friends get their queues as 85 more quicker.

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The only reason I play this game is to get to endgame PvP. I run with a premade group of 3 of us, Frost DK, me (healer) and a prot paladin. I honestly dont even remember the last time we lost a random BG.

It was yesterday, and each of you got a flag of ownership, at least twice. You're welcome :) muahah
I quit end game two expansions ago. It was ruining my life quite frankly and for what? New pixels of daggers and helmets? I tried LFR in Pandaria and it just reminded me why I quit end game to begin with. It's boring and repetitive.

I still enjoy PvP despite all the annoyances I have with various class imbalances. At least PvP games generally come out differently every time. Little changes. Little surprises here and there. But PvE just makes me sad. Repetitive, boring, and time consuming.
I preordered the MoP expansion, enjoyed seeing the new zones and artwork, but lost interest almost immediately upon hitting 90.

Some of this can probably be attributed to simple long-term burnout and friends that no longer play. Aesthetically, I got a bit tired of the "everything China" theme, and Pandaren became annoying to me in general. Also the realization that all of us "heroes" were just barging into this beautiful place and pretty much trashing it. Much of the new content is beautiful visually, but some of the trends in dungeon, battleground, and quest design since Cataclysm have been counter to my own enjoyment.

I like the concept of a broadening of WoW's gameplay, since that has always been a strength of the game, but apparently it wasn't enough to keep me hooked throughout this expansion, as I've cancelled and resubbed a couple of times, and I mainly play old-world content.
10/03/2012 09:09 AMPosted by Aaron
I just can't see playing this game at top level anymore with the way Blizzard is running it into the ground.

Sometimes I wonder if they are doing this on purpose so that company from Europe will/woun't buy them (imagination).

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