Druid or Warlock?

Hello all,

I've played World of Warcraft since the launch of TBC, I almost have all classes at the 80-90 range, all except Druid and Warlock. And I don't know which one to level first, how are both classes doing in MoP right now? PvE and PvP wise. Also, which specs are best for leveling Druids/Locks?

Thanks in advance!
go with your gut
I know you mean well with your question - I've asked it myself a long time ago, X over Y class - but it REALLY comes down to what you prefer. Locks can DOT-Drain, hard cast, or be a hunter-like class with strong pets. Druids can be... well, so many things, lol.

I've played this druid since vanilla, and the entire class has changed over the years. I have more hotkeys and macros than any of my other 85s (only 6 in total). While PVE is maybe 5-8 abilities in one form, a feral druid in PVP uses his entire arsenal of offensive and defensive abilities. It can be overwhelming, for sure.

As far as leveling goes, the standard leveling spec for each class is usually Demonology Lock and Feral Druid. But honestly, figure out with one makes you happy past level 20-30 and take off from there.

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