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Bug Report
i just got the achievment lost and found from clicking on Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz.
it was right after a restart..i clicked on the gear animation thing got the achievment and the weapon loot box even popped up
is this a bug/glitch? pretty ticked off right now
Same thing Happened to me!
blizz help you out? from what ive see b4 they dont even acknowledge that this has happened.
5 days for a ticket response and gm's never do anything or cant.
i realize mop has bigger issues with bugs/glitches..i guess ill camp it again
The same thing happened to me as well today.
ticket #31490353
I just would like to clarify same thing happened to me as well at 1615hrs server time today on Khaz'goroth. was camping for it since Thrusday 0200hrs.

For that 5 days of waiting for a response and me having my achievement as proof would get me the item...
Hopefully it doesn't come down to this sentence, "We're sorry but there is nothing we can do. But we'll definitely look into it."
Same thing just happened to me. 1:22 am server time. I looted the Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz and got the achievement but nothing was picked up and it's not in my bags. It also despawned as soon as I "looted" it.

I'd been camping it for over a week.

I did manage to get a screenshot of the achievement complete with coordinates showing exactly where I was.
I'll try one bump...
Nice. They took care of this issue for me in a matter of 15 hours. Excellent customer service, Blizzard. Much appreciated !
Same thing happened to me with the Hozen Warrior Spear two nights ago. Clicked, went through the loot animation but the item never entered my bag. Spear despawned from it's little rock and I left empty handed. >=\
I replied pretty in-depth about this on another thread a few days back. I highly recommend taking a gander.

Also, open a GM ticket and ask for them to give you the item. They can verify you looted the object and didn't receive it.
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