Barrage auto-spin

lol I didn't realize Barrage has auto-spin on target. I was just in Scholo, and accidentally had an add behind me targeted. I popped Barrage and spun around on the target. Oh man, when I saw the dam pouring out of the whole room I said "!@#$". I punked out and left before they could kick me.

Anyway, just a little safety tip on Barrage, and if you don't use it don't worry about it.
I actually just switched out of Barrage due to it's tendency to pull extra stuff without me intending it to (and I AM trying to be very careful about it).

I love the way the spell looks and "feels" but I'd rather go with the much more boring glaive toss if it doesn't pull things off to the side or spin me to the side when the tank makes the mobs jostle just a tiny amount and suddenly I'm spraying arrows into packs a mile away :/

I'm still not sure what dps differences between the 3 90 talents (and I'm not going to bother to check myself, I'm sure someone else will do it) but I didn't want to deal with a cast time, so if Barrage is out due to it's craziness it's Glaive toss for me.

I will miss dropping in from my flyer on a pack of 6-8 mobs, drop explo trap, md (@pet macro), then Barrage and yell EXPLOZION!!! The hubs likes not jumping in his chair every time i do that though.
I had made a post on this forum a few days ago warning that Barrage will hit targets if they are within range, regardless if you are currently in combat with them or not.

I ended up going with Glaive Toss because tanks kept complaining about the knockback from Powershot, and Barrage is just asking to accidentally pull an entire room at once right now. Really hope they apply a change to Barrage that they did to Mages Nether Tempest that keeps it from hitting targets you aren't in combat with.

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