Enhance: Windsong vs Elemental Force

Mixed feelings about this, what is better? and why?

(for Enhance)
Elemental force, because it does more DPS
10/03/2012 02:29 PMPosted by Chillbros
Elemental force, because it does more DPS

Off topic - what kind of DPS are you pulling as Enhance? AOE and Single.
In the raid I did last night I did single target from 55-65k, peaked around 110k during burn phase.

Don't really pay attention to AoE.
More than i'm pulling as Ele.. looks like its time for a change, especially considering the amount of agi mail that drops.
Hello! I am a moonkin druid! I found this forum post on search as I was wondering the same thing. This post is a few weeks old so I'm sure no one will see this but I wanted to post my test results of the question of this thread...

with Elemental Force enchanted I was recounting at 35293 DPS

with Windsong Enchanted I was recounting at 32081 DPS

This was with my not so good (obviously) gear on the target dummies in SW unbuffed.

Recount shows 2.5% of my DPS coming from elemental force. My class guide says to use Windsong though, probably because it scales better with epics maybe... i dont know though, both enchants look like they DONT scale with gear and are set to hard values.

Let me know if any of you have tested both apples to apples also.
If I were you I'd create this thread in the druid forum, most people on the shaman forum don't really know the answer to your question.
Elemental Force is gonna be better than Windsong because the damage from Elemental Force scales with Enhancement Mastery.

That and you kinda get boned whenever you get the Crit proc from Windsong. Not being able to control whether you get the best buff or not is the major downside to Windsong.

Elemental Force basically puts a No'Kaled proc onto w/e weapon you are using which makes it awesome. When I was using Elemental Force on both weapons it was making up about 3% of my total damage done on boss fights.

From data found here:

Elemental Force is supposed to proc approximately 5x more often than Windsong is.

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