Monk DPS

So I'm looking at world of logs and the only monks I'm seeing parsing in any form are brewmasters with 114k dps? Why are all forms of tanks out-dpsing dps classes/specs? The highest parsed windwalker I've seen on WOL is at 64k dps. We're not even close to other dps classes at this point.
Vengeance is op.
I blame Mastery. By far the worst Mastery of any DPS spec.

At the very least it should make the free attack hit harder or be an auto crit.
I agree, mastery is incredibly fruitless for this class. I've reforged out of mastery whenever possible at this point. It's not providing any significant boost to my DPS in any form.
The problem with mastery isn't the damage it deals, but the fact that it essentially removes gcds from a spec that doesn't have them to spare. Which only gets worse as we gear up more.

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