EyE LyKe TeW FeEsH - Recruiting

Emerald Dream
PvP Recruitment: Required to be 1750+ Rated in RBGs or Arena!

PvP Events within guild will most likely be a planned dueling tournament.
Easy to find skilled arena partners or RBG members within guild.
Looking to get an RBG team up and running.
Also will have wargames for guildies to practice various comps!

PvE Recruitment: Required to have an IQ over 70

PvE will be Heroic Instances right now leading into Raids.
Hope to become a competitive raiding guild most likely 10 man unless we get enough interest.
Please have professions/gems/enchants/food/flasks for raids if you wish to become a raider.

We are a farely social guild hoping to make a good name for ourselves on this server, PST Péw ingame for more info or to join! (P<alt 130>w)
nO wAi JoS3
Oh ya we have a backstory too! Look on the thread <PvP Guild 1750+> It is quite the backstory.
So.... you know my first couple days after transferring here I was looking for a suitable PvP guild and a couple mentioned you guys as being a decent one... so I checked you guys out and joined... After being in your guild for a couple hours (and getting promoted) I realized the level of incompetence of most of your guildies and quickly left... so all your comments are invalid to me, thank you for the post though! Best of luck to you, and your guild!
Furious :) can't you tell?
I'm in the feesh camp.

Pew's got a good attitude:)
Bronkk jw why are you bumping my threads you helping support? and Katamie good to hear! I try to keep a good attitude =D
Also if we don't get many PvErs interested in the guild we will be looking for a "bother/sister" guild to raid with if any PvE guilds are interested!(and we will be strictly PvP hoping to move the minimum to 2k+ once we get arena season going! So get in now if your between 1750-2k =D)
Bumps :)

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