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He serves his purpose. Never intended him to be my banker but I found out that Hunters were boring.
Level 1 bank alts are so last year.
Yes, a lvl 77 bank She started out purely as a bank/auction alt, then I realized that I actually enjoyed playing a shaman and started leveling her.
I am pleased to legitimately state that I have no need of the services of a "bank-alt."

The blunt way of putting it is "I'm too poor."
Started as a banker , Banker and mats farmer now.

For general info to those with below level 10 Guildmasters , (Bankers)
May I suggest you atleast level them to atleast lev 10 for safety reasons.
IF ,for some reason a less than level 10 gets "Lost" in the system, Blizzard cannot restore them nor items if that should occur.
Just some friendly advice.
And if a blue can correct me or add the proper wording of that min lev restore policy , PLEASE DO.
I want to get her to level 61 or so to grab Astralaan boots/gloves.

I was mildly surprised this guild name was available (particularly given that the character name I wanted wasn't), then again, I'm on a small realm. Oh, and yes, Portal players...the guild banner is exactly what you expect it to be.

She's my bank/auction toon, and I <3 her. I wanted a bank toon and I wanted a joke I combined the two ;)
I frequently assure my client that he can have complete faith in my abilities to create a diversified portfolio.
10/03/2012 06:33 PMPosted by Shalindria
BAH! what's the point if you can't see my styling fur lined fedora and diamond tipped cane?
first banker alt
I managed to get her to lvl 11 by doing the seasonal quests in Stormwind - looking forward to Halloween and Christmas to get a couple more levels lol :-)
Turns out I didn't care for the priest class all that much.
This toon was started as a bank alt and still serves that purpose-as well as being fun to play:)
Proud Bank and Farmer :D
I have yet to pick a bank alt on this server. And I created one on another server but recently changed it to a panda too. Just need to get it through the starting area.

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