Just FYI to all you fellow AffLocks out there

Neither Windsong nor Elemental Force can proc off anything you do as Aff. I spent 30 mins on dummies as well as going over last nights logs, and neither enchant is proccing off of anything, including haunt or even fel flame. So til jade spirit, revert back to Power torrent.
That is the reason affliction warlock is so bad right now...why would blizzard do this? we cant spam haunt or felflame without hurting our dps a lot. Blizzard needs to either hotfix this or let us know is "working as intended".
You're forgetting that the only weapon for this first raid is a wand. Demo cannot do it's Meta auto attack with a wand, so we lose about 7% dps from that. Another huge oversight from blizzard. It's basically either, Power torrent on the wand as aff, or 463 dagger as Demo.
Dont get me wrong i love the spec and as soon as they fix the enchant i'll be playing aff...but thats IF they fix it.
I'm having fun just fine with power torrent as affliction thx.
I could have sworn I saw Windsong proccing regularly, though this was while I was questing to level. (No longer have it since I wasted it on a quest green for testing purposes while I was leveling Enchanting.)

Also, I think Affliction is in a fine place right now. My damage ramps up quicker than before and I have some competent burst. Can't wait to raid.
10/03/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Necron
So til jade spirit, revert back to Power torrent.

And what guarantee do we have that Jade Spirit is going to proc off of anything Affliction does?

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