Spi--> Int--> Mastery

I haven't looked In many places about this topic so I'm bringing it up here on the forums. I'm finding It more and more difficult to maintain my mana the higher lvl I get. So I'm thinking the stat priority at 90 (If not alrdy) Is going to be spirit-->int-->Mastery. I apologize in advance if this topic was alrdy covered.
By "maintain" I assume you mean "not drink after every fight"?

I'm finding myself using 30% to 50% mana on most fights, then busting Divine Plea and my racial gets me back up to about 90% and then that refills while running to the next mob. If it's just mobs I'll also get in and bust some melee on the mobs for the mana return with Seal of Insight.

Only time I sit to drink is usually before a boss fight and then "most" tanks bust a cd when they run into combat so it's easy to sit drinking for a few seconds into the start of the fight.

Noxxic has the priority as: Spirit > Intellect > Mastery > Haste > Crit so you're right on track.

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