Aman'Thul [H] Infusion MV10 1/6 LF MOP Heals

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
(1) About Infusion
We are a new guild, created only in Patch 4.2, transferred in to enjoy the friendly atmosphere in Aman'thul. We were previously known as Infinitum, but renamed ourselves as Infusion when the rest of the guild came along with us.

We do not support hate speech and misogyny.

We believe that trust and transparency are the keys to fostering of friendship, and we encourage that atmosphere in the guild.

(2) About Members of Infusion
We are a group of friends who have united together to have some fun, to enjoy endgame content and raid together. We value skilled players, and most importantly, the individuals they are as a person.

We are all working professionals with our respective RL commitments, and we understand the need to take time off for RL > WOW. We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays 2100 GMT+8. However, we do not enforce everyone to make it for all 3 days, and rotation is necessary for every player.

Although we focus on raiding as our main common activity, we do run instances, old content, level alts and laze around together.

(3) What is fun now
We are currently working on Mogu'shan Vaults, having killed the first boss.

(4) What are are looking for
We are looking for mature, decent, fun loving personalities, focused during raids, with high situation awareness and good knowledge about their class. And a friend!

(5) What are spots are available
Healers: Paladin, Shaman

Players with exceptional skills from other classes are also welcomed.

(6) Why should you apply
If you like a simple guild with the simple mindset that we want to raid endgame content, and most importantly, have fun, we welcome you!

(7) Do you get a confirmed seat for raiding
There is no confirmed seat, everyone (maybe except the raid leader) rotates their seat according to their gear requirements and progression needs. We have no intention on creating a 2nd raid group or expanding ourselves into a 25 man guild. This means that as a recruit, you are expected to know your gear well enough and plan beforehand to facilitate this.

We also fully believe in our raid leader's decision in the rotation.

(8) What if I don't want to raid
If you don't want to raid, but yet still want to join us, we welcome you (we are level 25 guild anyway). However, we do not have the necessary resources to support PvP focused goals, and as working professionals, we do not have a lot of people online during weekday daytime.

If you have no intention to raid, seek Shadowbelle, Faeline, Shouru, Lyaera, Whitelotus, Ellica or Bloodsteel in game, instead of applying.

(9) Where do I apply
Please apply to our guild forums: or seek Shadowbelle, Faeline, Shouru, Lyaera, Whitelotus, Ellica or Bloodsteel in game.

Thanks for your interest and reading this LOOOONG recruitment post.

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