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You get kicked once, that's them abusing the system. You get kicked three times and, frankly, it's you that's the problem.
4 man premade from the same server and same guild. the tank whispered me and told me they were even on vent. while I didn't say anything at all this time other then how to defeat the boss the tank continued apologizing to me every single wipe so I think he realizes how bad he was doing

its been 7 wipes I put a jeeves down after the third wipe and my offhand dagger is already yellow

9 & counting I still haven't typed anything smart in party but i'd bet they'll give up and leave me with another long q chest bracers gloves helm main hand and offhand dagger is yellow

daggers are red and my jeeves is on a 24minute cooldown

the tank is saying he'd love to give me gold for my effort

thats right its been 36minutes since I placed it down after the third wipe

13th wipe this is what they have to say

after 15 attempts we downed boss in about 1 hour 45minutes heres a screenshot

I never said anything because 1. I didn't want to get kicked 2. they seemed friendly and 3. they acknowledeged they knew they were bad

2 ghost iron lockboxes dropped after that kill which they passed and let me have. I suppose to pay for my repairs they were responsible for

the hunter won the neckpiece i'm missing 2+ hours later off the last boss which only took 1 attempt for the kill

They also tend to be ok with spending an hour in a dungeon because it's basically their end game content.

seems like you need to make some friends.
Stop typing in caps. It's a violation of the forum rules and it doesn't make your point look better. As for the dungeon, stop being "that guy" and you won't get booted. Or better yet, try being friendlier and make some friends whom you can run stuff with so you won't have to rely on pugs.

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