Spiritual Innervation and Burning Embers

I'm curious about the buff Spiritual Innervation that a player gains after exiting the spirit world during the Gara'jal fight.

Spiritual Innervation : When a player's physical body is healed, their soul is energized. Spiritual Enervation takes on different forms based on the target's class and role. The efficacy of Spiritual Enervation is based on the amount of healing done to the physical body. (Wowpedia)

Spiritual Innervation
Size increased 15%.
Generating 0 Burning Embers every 1 sec.
$?$W3!=0[Haste increased 0%][]
30 seconds remaining
(direct copy and paste from a tooltip in wowhead)

Does this mean the buff affects burning embers regeneration? I would like a simple yay or nay for confirmation.

Last night on our spiritbinder kill the buff was something like 13% to damage when I moused over in combat. Since I was destro I didn't notice much of a gain but I came out of spirit w' full embers each time. Our logs are buggy since it didn't record any spirit realm data but I was tab target shadowburning low adds which will max embers + instant RoF + MF F&B incinerate spam when we had lots up. Pretty much always came out of spirit realm full except when I went down w/o healer and used dark regen + glyph'd HS + ember tap to self heal to full.


If you want to look. Again the lack of spirit realm data in the log mucks with the veracity of things but the spiritual innervation shouldn't be impacted by that necessarily.
I kinda overlooked the fact that I came out with full embers from shadowburning, which should help with dps. My raid dps seems to be a bit shy of the requirement so I wanted to maximize the buff by sending in classes that can benefit the most. Sounds like destruction warlock is a decent choice also considering that Mannoroth's Fury + FnB can help clear the adds rather efficiently. Thanks for the info.

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