Unable to log in to WoW2 account

Technical Support
I bought Mists of Pandaria today all the way up from a starter account. I was also recruited by a friend, so I had to create a new account - 'WoW2'.

So to recap, I have WoW1, a starter account.
And WoW2, a full account.

When I log in to the game, it automatically loads my WoW1 characters. There's no drop-down box at the login screen, and no interface before loading my characters to select between WoW1 or WoW2.

So I'm stuck playing on my starter account, instead of my full account.

How do I log in to my WoW2 account?
Is it possible that I've somehow ticked an option to automatically log in to WoW1 without confirmation, and that's why it's bypassing the account selection interface?

If so, how would I undo this, or set it to automatically log in to WoW2?

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