Why can't I Log In?!

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I created a Battle TAG and i tried to add a friend and they tried to add me and it has not worked?

When i try to add them, it says "Player not found"

When they tried to add me, it said something to the effect of, 'Sent" but as yet i have not received anything?

Am i doing something wrong?
And Now i can't log into my account at all?

"There was a problem logging into your account. You may not have world of warcraft attached to your account, or you may be logging into a region different from the one you created the account in"

What has caused this?

I have changed nothing except create a battle tag *frown*

Seeing as though i could still log into remote chat. A guildie suggested changing my email address.

This worked. I was able to log in.

And now i have the Battle Tag Feature on my profile ingame.

Adding a Battle Tag to my account definitely had something to do with the problem.

The End.
So this resolved for you?

I suspect what happened was changing your email refreshed your account. That's exactly what needed to happen :P

Changing emails, passwords, address info, etc., is not guaranteed to force a refresh, but it usually does.
Yes, thank you Orlyia it is fixed.

Cheers :)

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