Advice for a learning Affliction Lock

Hey, so I'm hoping that some experienced affliction locks can weigh in on this for me. I've been maining Destro for all of cata, and will most likely keep it as my main for MoP. Affliction is most likely going to be the top single target DPS (if they ever fix enchants), and is amazing for multi target fights like The Stone Guards.

I understand the general rotation, and the single target affliction rotation is easy (assuming I'm doing it correctly). Basically just make sure you always have corruption, agony, UA up at all times. Use nightmare procs on haunt. MG or DL for fill depending on %HP. I don't have much of a problem with DoT uptime since Pre-pandas Destro had immolate, corruption, and Bane of Agony/Doom, so it feels very similar.

My big question is in regards to The Stone Guards fight, or fight types like it (2-3 main targets). I understand the use of soulburn + soul swap to bring all of your DoTs from one target to the other, and afaik can also be used to refresh your DoTs. This obviously burns a soul shard which would normally be used for haunts. I'm assuming the opener for Stone Guards would be something like get all your DoTs on dog A, the SB+SS to dog B, SB+SS to dog C so now all of them are dotted up. Should I actually be doing that, or should I save my shards for haunt? Also, should I be soul swapping to keep DoTs up on all 3 targets during the fight, or just hardcast corr/agony/UA on the dogs to refresh. The multi target interaction with affliction is just something that I can't really grasp without trying it, and I don't feel like now is the time to be testing things out in raid fights.

If any experienced afflocks have tips on little things with the single target DPS or comments/suggestions on my multi target question please let me know.
Only dot the 2x dogs that are together on stoneguard. The 3rd dog takes 90% reduced damage. Also aff's 2x target is pretty nerfed compared to multidot or cleave. Even with perfect sim/machine precise play 2x target multi dot is only 15-18% better than single target.

Other dot classes didn't get that kind of throttle but just dont' expect double damage anymore. MG/DS really sort of broke that permanently.

Once you hit execute range renew dots with SB:SS this will give you a ton more uptime on DS channeling. For dogs don't be affraid to use fel flame to renew dots especially if you get chained to a melee and have constant amethyst pools spawning under you.
Forgot about the damage reduction on the offtank dog thanks. I figure that Destro will be decent enough for the first kill just using havoc on CD and keeping immo up on both, but I want to be able to use Affliction when the fight calls for it, either on HM for this or fights later on when affliction gets fixed.

Are there any little tricks with the rotation though? Or is single target pretty much just all DoT tracking and casting MG? I know you want to not let agony run out, and assuming you don't want to use haunt unless the previous haunt is going out (I was testing it and seemed like I had max 9 seconds on Haunt even if I put two on in succession, but that may be wrong).
I will keep this short since im typing on my phone. One thing i found as a new afflic lock is to almosy never waste time casting individual dots. Single target dps sky rockets if you soulburn and soulswap as an opener, all three applied in 1 second instead of 3. Also i use the same method to refresh. So basically open with haunt, SB, SS, MG. Repeat with a DL instead of MG for shard maintenance.
So you're using all your shards on SB/SS and not haunts if you're refreshing with SB/SS during the fight as well?
I've found that I never have enough shards throughout that fight to keep sb/ss ing everytime the dots are about to fall off. My opener is similar to the above cause I have the shards but after I exhaust those I have rely on nightfall procs and at that point I'm casting haunt everytime on whatever target I'm on. Thus to refresh the dots I either have to hardcast them or if my ss is up (I have it glyphed) I just swap to the one that needs them refreshed. But I find that I'm hardcasting so much to keep uptime above 90% that I'm losing out on a ton of MG damage.

I guess I'm just confused on what I should be doing to optimize what I'm already doing since I'm getting raped by fire mages, and just doing !@#$ty damage, on that fight.

Fyi: I'm refering to focusing on doting 2/3 targets at all times and I have yet to test sub 20%.

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