Rising Sun Kick Bug?

Bug Report
Not sure if this is supposed to happen or not (It doesn't seem like it should to me) So I'm going to post about it here. Sometimes when using this ability the debuff it provides to the enemy (the 10% damage debuff) will get parried, dodged, etc., even though the ability itself is not and the damage is done to the mob.

Has anyone else seen this issue happen? Is it normal or am I right in thinking it's not "working as intended"?
Can you fix the bug, that when you use rising sun kick the debuff is applied separately and can be parried/dodged. Which means we use rising sun kick it lands does "X" amount of damage, and they don't have the 20% damage taken increase cause it was parried and or dodged and can really mess up our entire rotation. cause if this happens during serenity we don't have a 20% damage increase for 8 out of 10 seconds and it does.....

I'm getting the same
Over 2 years latter

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