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I was thinking about rerolling or possibly just faction changing and moving servers. From the time I started playing wow right after the opening of AQ up through the last content patch of WOTLK I was a hardcore raider. Raid progression was my thing. The server I am on now has basically died. Server number is low and the amount of good players is either spread too thin between a million guilds or is very low. Realm changing definitely a possibility.

My question is, on our realm the two biggest guilds through WOTLK was poor play & union. Multiple high ranked kills either us/world from vanilla through BC. This is not the original char that I played back then so even though I have the achievements for completing the dungeons / raids I do not have the "Server First" achievements and such. Is there any sites that still have the tracked kills from vanilla to current ? Guild progress used to have a nice setup but I see that they have changed for T12-T14. I would like to be able to show for my experience in past content.
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There isn't a resource for the server firsts as far as I know, but SK Gaming has a listing on their website for world first kills and legendaries:

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