Hello, Wyrmrest. We're [H] <Spin the Dragon>.

Wyrmrest Accord
  • Veteran players are returning to the game to stare at fat monochromatic bears. Realm queues, once used to frighten children over campfires, are now a horrifying reality. Guilds rise from the mire, dusting off their two-teir-old gear. Former 25-man raid teams are splintering into 10s. And Spin the Dragon has moved to Wyrmrest Accord.

    Our website is due for an update when WowStead feels being reasonable again, but don't worry: I'm here for you. It's okay. We'll make it through this together.

  • Since we've moved from Sentinels to Wyrmrest, we've been fielding a lot of familiar questions when people go looking for us: is your guild application serious? Why are you asking me about this? Do you really expect me to answer these? What if I don't like 3-D dolphins?

    Our guild application is as serious as something that's asking you to please write a story about two pokemon fighting can be, and we keep it that way because it works. The way you answer social questions tells us a little bit about you (and gives you a pretty good idea of who we are, too). But just in case you'd like to know more: Spin the Dragon is a Horde guild originally from the US-Sentinels (RP) server. We've been there for over two years, but our officer corp (and some of our raiders) go back much further. When it became clear that Sentinels would only be occupied by exactly two people, Spin decided to look for greener pastures at Wyrmrest. At any given time of day our Vent server's hosting someone playing TF2, EverQuest, SWTOR, or Minecraft. The rest of us are on Facebook at work asking for help growing imaginary strawberries or something.

    While raiding is our primary focus, you don't have to raid if you don't want to. We also enjoy roleplaying, playing WoW Farmville, and have recently become obsessed with sending our pets to their inevitable deaths. If you are apping to raid, we're more interested in your personality than your experience. If you're a Decent Dude (or Lady) with demonstrated knowledge of your class -- or a willingness to learn and improve -- we're interested in hearing from you.

  • If you don't have the best gear or the most experience, that's fine. We're willing to help gear up the right people for our progression raiding. Our raid leaders will often rotate raiders based on the amount of accepted invitations and what specialized classes may be needed for a particular fight, or previous raiding experience/seniority. Additionally, we do hold some basic expectations of our raiders in order to participate:

    - A computer capable of handing twenty-five man raiding with minimal add-ons (DBM, Omen, etc.) and Ventrilo without serious lag.
    - A reliable, consistent internet connection.
    - Arriving to the raid on time and with knowledge of the raid, if available.
    - Knowing your role, class, and spec and remaining up-to-date on each.
    - Understanding and accepting that you may be rotated out (or in) to a raid for certain class roles.
    - The ability to listen and react.

    Currently, the majority of our players aren't yet raiding, but if you're interested in hanging out with some Cool Dudes (and Ladies), feel free to inquire while we gear up and explore our new lives with fat bears.

    Loot disbursement is done by a Ni Karma system; a great explanation of NKS can be found here: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/07/18/nonstandard-loot-systems-in-wow-page-2/. Anyone who negatively takes advantage of the system or otherwise acts in poor conduct will be dealt with accordingly by our guild officers. All of our active raiders are given access to gold for repairs, flasks, food, and help with any materials or enchantments you need to get the best out of your gear.

  • Raiding recruitment for Spin on WoW is currently closed while we level up and gear. However, if you're interested in chillin' out with some like-minded folk or finding out more about us, feel free to take a look at what we're all about on spinclan.com, guildchat.tumblr.com, or our facebook (search for SPIN THE DRAGON).
    This is a guild led by amazing people. You should think about it.
    Ah Spin the Dragon, I remember that guild :) Good to see you guys come over here too (Fellow League member here) :D And so true about the two people people on Sents these days, so sad to see that server fade like it has. However, enough with the old and on with the new! Good luck in your endeavors here!
    10/04/2012 07:38 AMPosted by Heedles
    At any given time of day our Vent server's hosting someone playing TF2, EverQuest, SWTOR, or Minecraft.

    This used to be more true in the past. Speaking of which, these guys are awesome for letting me and a handful of friends hang out on their vent for over a year, constantly, 24/7, every day all day, even though the most we did with them was call them fat when they invaded our channel and called us nerds, and sometimes fill in a raid spot for them. These were good times, and raiding with them was a constant battle to not laugh so hard that I would make my stomach hurt.
    Now that we're all back from our real lives (WHO DOES THAT) vent's been bumpin' again, especially with our Warcraft crowd.
    Bump for former Sentinels folk. :)
    oh hell yes. Get ready to see my Horde alts.
    Why would you join any other guild when you can spend an hour of your day turning vale months into cats?


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