New Pandaria Spirit Beast?

Removed text until I get official word I am not posting a bug that might be exploited.
*shakes fist*

This topic had me excited! Darnit!
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you mean the ones that spawn during the O*** W********** fight.

I don't think it's an exploit. I actually checked them with Beast Lore while I was on that quest to see if they were tameable, but my current slots were all full at the time and I couldn't drop any of them to get one.
It's generally not considered an exploit unless you have to do something abnormal or unusual to complete the tame. The Scholozar pets weren't considered exploits, but weren't intended to be tamed either, so those Hunters were able to keep the pets. The buff pets and special effects pets required special macros, lag exploitation, or outside help to complete them. If Beast Lore says a beast is tameable and you use only standard taming techniques, I wouldn't worry.
Looks like this has been hotfixed.

Funny though, they forgot to change the nameplate icon for it to a non-SB.

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