[Bug] Killing the Quilen and Stones of Power

I am currently experiencing bugs with the quest "Killing the Quilen" and by default the quest that goes with it "Stones of Power"

I was in the middle of doing the quests when I died, upon running back to my corpse I found that the area had shifted phases, I am currently unable to complete these quests, normally this wouldnt be an issue however it is a key quest in the Golden Lotus reputation quest chain and without it I CANNOT get my rep and furthermore cannot spent my Valor/Justice points accordingly.

I have tried, reloading UI, relogging, Restarting WoW completely and dropping the quests and re-grabbing them. Please Help :c
I have been bugged like this for almost 3 days now. . . the mobs are different everytime i go back. :(
yeah thats the same thing I am experiencing too, when I first died it was spiders there, then when I logged in it was shao-tien or w/e mobs
I finally got to finish the Stone of Power quest. What I did was go to the area where the minimap shows the crystals should be spawning at. I had spiders as the mob in the area (dont know if this makes a difference, but it might). I then flew over to the western edge of that area, coords about 18.0,30.1. I found a littering of the crystals there, and they respawn almost instantly. The crystals are a yellowish-orange color, and sparkle like normal interactive things do in WoW. Hope this helps anyone!
that helped TONS subs

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