Best/favorite video game villain.

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There have been many villains throughout the history of video games, and many have earned a place in our memories. This thread is for you to simply say which villain you think is the best, is your favorite, or even both. Go ahead. :)
Kefka from FF6. The only villain who managed to destroy the world. Also a freaking insane clown.
Well, that depends... Are anti-villains allowed as well?

If so, I'd easily say Delita from Final Fantasy Tactics. By the end of the first chapter alone, he's been through a hellish personal tragedy and grown heavily disillusioned with the current system of governing in Ivalice. Rather than just quietly go into the night, however, he decides to reform it by clawing his way to the top, and goes to any means necessary. He's willing to backstab his current allies at a moment's notice, and is likewise as willing to ally with his enemies and others (read: Ramza), and does it all in a suave, stylish manner that doesn't make him radiate 'absolutely and utterly evil'.

Not only that, but the player gets to see first-hand that his actions ultimately do have a point, that Ivalice is really in that bad of a need for a change in leadership style. They get to watch as Delita rises from the commoners that the nobles exploit to one of the most important (technically) non-playable characters in the story. They get to see him develop a genuine relationship with the woman he fully admits he was originally only interested in for her position in the royal court. In short, Delita's one of the most human characters in the game, and depending on your viewpoint, one of the most relatable.
Favourite is Xehanort for me. Scientifically curious to a fault, devious, manipulative and all around a real bastard.

Disclaimer: This is an opinion.

Best? I'd have to think on it...I've got one or two ideas but they'd be spoilers.
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Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot games has always been my number one game villain.
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Well, that depends... Are anti-villains allowed as well?

I don't know what an anti-villain is, but as for anti-heroes....... no.
Jon Irenicus from Baldur's Gate II
Kerrigan, the queen *Bleep* of the universe. I love her character, so twisted and evil. :D
In Destroy All Humans you get to be him.
She probably doesn't count because she switched sides, but Beatrix from FF9.

She destroyed the main character and his team three times throughout the game, didn't lose once AND lived to the end.

Albedo from Xenosaga is a close second.
Let's see, I'm going to go with Alex from Golden Sun, Ghetsis from Pokemon, or the Overlord from the Overlord series.

Alex, because he never loses, he just waltz through all three games manipulated heroes and villains alike while making his true intentions known to absolutely no one. Did I mention he never loses.

Ghetsis, because he seems to be the the Supreme God of Abusive Parents everywhere. He also gets away with being more evil on a game rated E than many other villains do on games with more mature ratings.

Overlord, because you get to play as him and be as evil as you want, beating peasants is fun.
The Lich King and Sargeras

but non warcraft would be Bowser, diablo, and pacman ghost
the grox from spore, and of course the coventant from halo
The flood and convenant form halo, and the templars from AC
Oof, this IS a tough choice, what with all the great villains around. Ghirahim nailed Ghetsis on the head there, as he's the ONLY villain in all the Pokemon games that I actually truly hated because of his character. I mean, sure, the other teams WERE a bunch of villainous jerks. But, despite their rotten intentions, they actually BELIEVED in what they were doing. Ghetsis, on the other hand, was simply using ALL of Team Plasma to further his own agenda, that being becoming the only individual in the Unova region to be able to use Pokemon, thus solidifying his absolute power and domination over that section of the world.

What a bastard!

But, since Ghetsis has already been covered... I'll go and throw Luca Blight's hat into the ring. My GOD was this SOB evil. He was rotten to the core, chopping down men, women, and children who got in his way. He would even have people beg for their lives by acting like pigs, only to cut them down soon afterwards after they had amused him. But even then, despite all the evil he's done, you DO feel a bit sorry for him after learning what made him so mad. I mean, witnessing your mother get assaulted by brigands while your father ran away with his tail between his legs as a young boy WOULD screw you up mentally, I would think. Not only that, he has to live with an ETERNAL REMINDER of that horrific incident what with the existence of his half-sister Jilia, who was conceived as a result of that attack.

To give you an idea as to how bad Luca Blight was, the mission in Suikoden 2 where you finally kill him was only possible because of a secret joint operation with the ENEMY SIDE. He was SO BAD that even THEY did not want him!

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