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It's literally impossible on my server to down Sha of Anger at virtually any hour of the day due to the simple fact that Alliance outnumber Horde on my server 20:1, thanks to Blizzard, with its permissive allowance of faction imbalance growth. I would love it if you guys could institute a system whereby, for example, after a baseline of like, 40-60 L90 players (whatever can be calculated as an average number of people in there w/o going too far so as to create a concerning amount of imabalance) are in the zone for a given faction, to mandate queues for the zone for additional players from that faction like in Wintergrasp to shut out the gross imbalance that prevents one faction (or even guilds within the same faction from overcrowded servers) from downing a world boss there, like Sha of Anger. This would be a much welcomed change in helping to bridge the divide in this generally fun (when you're on the overpowered side of the class/faction/w/e it is) but heavily imbalance plagued game.

Are you seriously asking that on server thats unbalanced 20:1 Horde and alliance should have equal access to world bosses on 1:1 basis?
Yeah, seeing as numbers makes no difference when it comes to game mechanic implementation. Do you have a problem with balance? Oh right, of course you do, you're Alliance. You can't do anything without an overwhelming numerical advantage.
Simmer down there. You could always know....transfer. Your fault for being on such a low populated Horde PvP server.
So you want the majority of players on your realm to suffer because you're selfish?
10/04/2012 09:56 PMPosted by Flufykittens
I personally think that if they can implement CRZ to ramp up low pop zones, they should send it both ways. ie normalise population in high-pop zones via phasing or whatever.

Eh, they're backing off a ton on the forced CRZ, things like limiting Galleon and probably soon Sha, (although I didnt know Galleon was just a big rare spawn, and not raid locked). I think they're taking a bit of that 100 page post in which they realized that people aren't happy with it's implementation.
10/04/2012 09:47 PMPosted by Schwert
So you want the majority of players on your realm to suffer because you're selfish?

Haha, sorry, but your idiotic ad hominem logic has no bearing here. The FACT of the matter is, people play the PVE in this game to get better gear and enjoy the thrill of a fun encounter. EVERYONE should be entitled to have that same experience when they meet the gear and skill requirements needed to complete it. No one should have to feel stiffed cuz they can't do a certain encounter that they are fully equipped tackle because of latent imbalances in server population.

Thanks to the rest of you guys for understanding. Hoping more posts like this crop up to highlight a clear problem.
I don't really have an opinion on this matter but I just wanted to say that last night when we were killing Sha, alliance was just standing there and farming HKs from us. It happens, that's the price you pay for having a world boss.

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