Celerity should have a 15% run increase

I'm curious why Celerity doesn't have a 15% run increase. Or am I expecting too much? I understand you get an extra roll but, the problem is when you're chasing someone you end up undershooting or overshooting a lot and it seems like you'd get that slight edge on run speed to help. I realize momentum offers 25% and 50% speed increase per roll, but I feel like celerity should give you a minor speed increase to help. Does anyone else feel this way? Or anyone here from beta know if it was tried?
EDIT: Wow, my math was wrong. See lower post.

That extra maneuverability really is important, and another reason to take Momentum or Tiger's Lust. As much as it's said that we're a highly mobile class, it's only because we can 'blink' on a short cooldown. But that's really not as much as it sounds like.

When not rolling, we have no speed increase, which can mean never being able to stay on an enemy that's got a constant +speed. It also means no maneuverability. Momentum and Tiger's Lust are good for this, but the speed boost is very short lived and not even that significant.

In total, we get a 14% or less net speed increase depending on talents, maneuverability optional.
Rogues on the other hand get +15% baseline speed increase and sprint, which total up to 18% net speed increase with maneuverability baseline. Not only that, but also access to the Burst of Speed talent, a high-energy skill for +70% speed+escape anytime.

I'm quite fond of Burst of Speed actually, and would much rather have seen something like that than what exists now.

Addendum: Flying Serpent Kick is a great move but has the same pitfalls. Its slow is the only way to really make up for our poor maneuverability.
celeraty also reduces the cooldown on roll, you get tons of rolls especially if you don't blow all 3 trying to get across the field.
Yeah, I picked Celerity but I think I'm going back to Momentum. Once you get used to that speed boost for added maneuverability, you feel sluggish w/o it.

I don't think Celerity needs a speed boost though. I mean, it'd obviously be nice, but it would also make the talent horribly lopsided + steal some of Momentum's mojo. An extra roll, it recharges sooner, and a speed boost? It'd be a no-brainer pick.
Celerity serves a different purpose than Momentum, and giving it a movement speed bonus would blend it with momentum too much, to the point of removing the utility of momentum entirely. Momentum allows you to cover ground, and flee/chase quickly. Celerity allows you to avoid aoes, and get into position more quickly. It also works great in conjunction with the pvp glove bonus, clearing snares more often.
No. Momentum has the speed increase, if celerity had it as well it would make it even more broken.

Celerity is VERY VERY strong. Adding an extra roll is already good, and then reducing the cooldown to match? Yeah, it is an amazing talent.
pvp=tigers lust

i use celerity anyways in questing tho heh. its good in small areas with lots of mobs.

seriously tho, if your pvping, take tigers lust
EDIT: Bad math, see next post.

They could perhaps be buffed across the board for more consistency. Celerity with yet more frequent rolling, Momentum with extra speed or longer duration, and Tiger's Lust more like rogues' Burst of Speed.

Currently at ~14% net movement increase -max-, when other moderately mobile classes like rogues and druids are getting much more.
Thanks for the responses. I didn't realize are net movement increase is at 14%. I would've thought it to be higher. I really enjoy the extra roll, but it looks like I'll have no choice but to take tigers lust for pvp. I just hate that it requires 2 chi.
Oh, I'm sorry I did the math terribly, terribly wrong. Was simply remembering it rather than recalculating it.

Roll is a +8.75% net speed increase, and Tiger's Lust would add another 11.66% to that bringing it up to 20.41% net increase.

Celerity's cooldown effect brings the net speed increase -to- 11.66%, not adding it. However that extra charge is pretty convenient.

Momentum is +25% speed for 10 seconds, then 50% for another 10 if you refresh its duration just as it ends. Assuming perfect timing, you'll be getting this extra running speed for a total of 20 seconds on a 40 second cooldown (two rolls), coming out to an 18.75 net increase plus Roll's base increase.

Net speed increase for each talent: (Roll + effect.)
Celerity: 11.66%.
Tiger's Lust: 20.41%.
Momentum: 27.5%.

Compared to rogues:
Quickening: 15% passive, baseline, doesn't stack.
Sprint (glyphed): 4.44%. (~8% talented with Preparation.)
Burst of Speed: 70% semi-combat speed increase -OR- escape. (not enough energy to keep it up in combat, but can be used to close gaps) (yes, it provides 70% net bonus speed, and can be kept up indefinitely by a good rogue.)

Considering how Monks have no escapes ouside Tiger's Lust, I'd like to see something more consistent than what exists. A Burst of Speed type of talent would be perfect here, since monks really have to watch their energy as it is. Uptime could potentially be very consistent, yet it must still be used very wisely, especially since it's +speed OR escape rather than both.
And dammit, I want to see my Pandaren use her cute running animation. >:P
Without some form of speed increase, significant speed increase, we are stuck never ending chasing people who are even disabled.

And the issue is exaggerated by lag. Nothing like being in somebody who's running away and being told "you are out of range" when you have 30ms.

Awesome pvp gameplay right there.

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