Holy Paladin question

I haven't healed with (or even played) my Paladin since wrath. In fact, after wrath, I turned him over to my sons and played something else.

The itch to heal is on me again, so I decided to give pally skills a look this morning. Am I imagining things, or have they greatly increased pally AoE heal capability? It appears (if I am reading the abilities correctly) that there is now not just AoE heals, but synergistic AoE heals...

Is this corect or are they still just uber tank healers?

Also... Did they add back something like "shockadin" for PvP viability?

Thanks for reading and responding.
If you take Holy Avenger you can aoe heal a lot during that cd.

When that's not up the aoe heals are moderate, but they're there.

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