To anyone who says Ret pvp and/or dmg is bad

Ya musta been shed running for bersker buff on the 7 horde bots at the gy .
I don't claim the sky is falling, but I'm not going to pretend your BG charts say anything about the state of ret.
compared to other plate melee though we don't hit as hard, I know my gear is crap, but DKs critting for 64k with obliterate?
carried by the premade
Let's not be too critical here, yes ranged hit hard, but ret definitely isn't bad, at 89 I did a similar post:
Some of you need to stop acting with this negative way, i geared ret can still hurt.
10/05/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Holymez
carried by the premade
It could be argued that I carried the premade.

Ya musta been shed running for bersker buff on the 7 horde bots at the gy .
no sir lol

compared to other plate melee though we don't hit as hard, I know my gear is crap, but DKs critting for 64k with obliterate?
stop QQ'ing. DK's aren't terribly difficult to beat.

lol must be a troll go fight somw warlocks or mages then comeback and tell me again
Granted in bg's they can be giant pains in the !@#, especially in numbers, but 1v1? you can smoke em. As long as you know what you're doing ;)
There's a hilarious number of people from Nemesis on both sides.. and it's not a big server.
10/05/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Raidspec

Really? A BG? LOL

You realize most people either afk or bot bgs right? Gratz, you beat botters. Let's also ignore everyone who is guarding or fapping in between caps.

Not even going to armory you, i'm 100% sure you're a 1500 player.

Beating bad players doesn't make you good.
Elitist jerk lol Why the hate bro? I'm probably less than 1500 and one of those people that you talk about that fap between caps lol, That being said I'm out there handing people their asses consistently. Ultimately, people are complaining about ret damage sucking, ret pvp being terrible and in most cases they are directly talking about bg's. Just showing them that it doesn't have to be that way.
10/05/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Iziren
compared to other plate melee though we don't hit as hard, I know my gear is crap, but DKs critting for 64k with obliterate?

*breathes heavily*


Templar's Verdict (Physical)
Hand of Light (Spell Hit)
Seal of Whatever (Spell Hit)

Learn your class before you complain

Refer to a thread about Ret Burst by a tauren Ret complaining about it being low without understanding how it works. He hit for over 70k and has no idea
I'm a huge proponent of how good Paladins are doing right now. There are some minor tweaks we could probably stand to have, though I wouldn't shed any tears if they didn't, this is one of the best places I've felt like my Ret has been in for a long time.

That said? A random BG where you're with an 8-man premade? It doesn't really prove anything one way or the other. Now, had the opposing side been a premade and you did that, I think that would've been a stronger indicator.
A single player topped the damage in a random BG, clearly that's all the information needed to come to a conclusion that ret is 100% fine...
hi guys,
I think ret is fun to play atm and is doing pretty good, here is my story;

Duel wise with Divine Purpose/ double Freedom and Selfless Healer i can outlast pretty much any classes and win, TV hits pretty hard 50/90k ish , Crusader and Judgement/Censure seems great to me, Holy Prism is a awesome spell "LOVING IT " Hammer of the wrath is a total waste right now, its really bad!! i give 2 thumbs up for dueling as ret, lots of fun!

Arena wise i did enough to have a good feel of things; we have great off heals that procs none stop with Divine Purpose and Clemency is of the chart "LOVING IT" double Hand of Sac. etc..
Ok yes some classes are broken like hunter teams with stampede witch is totally broken, having 5 pets on you that ignore resilience is pathetic, ill keep that for a other thread sorry,
but things will get fix am sure, overall for arena i give 1 thumb up and i know Ret will do just great in Arenas

For Battleground witch is what i do the most, I love cranking my tunes and PvP for hours !!
I really feel like a one man army as a ret right now, i am always in top 3 damages if not the first even if i use a lot of wog to support my teammates or to heal my self, i do feel like we have holy lights up at all the time and the 4 set bonus is really good, if i would play like a retard and ignore the strategies i would finish first in damage Most games NP, Yes some other classes have more Killing Blows like Dk/Warrior and Sp, our finish move is !@#$ty and i should even say none present but i do not forget that i am a supporting class when i play and i seem to never die /Wog/ Selfless Healer/Freedom my self out , Heal again and back to war, having no cd on Wog is BEAST. For bg if i had a third thumb i would use it, 3 thumbs up!!!

Conclusion: Hammer of the Wrath needs a big buff, i try to avoid it at all cost right now.
Overall compare to other classes i say we are doing pretty good and yes some classes need some abilities nerf but it will happen at some point, hopefully.

For the record i do not have the best weapon now but fully honored gear and i will do a couple of dungeons tomorrow morning, therefore; do not comment on my weapon, ty :)

Cheers all
Our damage can be absurd during cooldowns, but it's meh compared to other melee outside of CDs
10/05/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Zeuxis
It could be argued that I carried the premade.
My point is, if you have an organized team backing you up (especially in a random BG), you can perform better than without an organized team. This isn't the best way to show that ret damage is good or bad.
Outliers do not a point make.

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