To anyone who says Ret pvp and/or dmg is bad

Let's not be too critical here, yes ranged hit hard, but ret definitely isn't bad, at 89 I did a similar post:

You aren't top damage. You farmed middle, good for you. Now instead of influencing the new people of WoW, creating horrible habits of not gaf about the objective, but killing, how about you carry that flag or ra*e the efc. One or two farming mid/gy bgs and I'm sure my damage would trump the rest too :D
That said? A random BG where you're with an 8-man premade? It doesn't really prove anything one way or the other. Now, had the opposing side been a premade and you did that, I think that would've been a stronger indicator.

You rang?
enemy team premade? (check)
nearly 10 million chart dmg e-peen? (check)
ROFLSTOMP DPS with no effort on strategy or support? (lolno 4 million in healing too)
objective player who caps bases and doesn't just fight in the middle? (check)
carried by gear? (lol AH blues)
carried by alliance premade? (pfft I wish)
horde bots? (lolnope horde did nice dmg too, gg guys!)

lol. Yes i'm well aware that random BGs don't count for much but it's still funny to watch all the QQ on the forums then log on my paladin and not see any major issues. Sure a tweak or two would be nice but I don't see any urgency in it. I'm having a blast with all the new ret paladin spells and mechanics. I feel like a real dps spec with a variety of ways to go about each fight, instead of having 3-4 attacks that I just hit when they sparkle.... although I do like it when my buttons sparkle! XD

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