What level can you start taming exotic pets?

Hello, I rerolled a panda hunter on a new server. Before in order to tame an exotic pet there was a talent point you had to choose in the BM tree. Now I do not see reference to taming exotic pets in the talent tree, nor do I see any mention of it when selecting your Beast Master specialization. (Only a vague able to tame many types of pets). So what level is the earliest level that I qualify for being able to tame exotic pets? All info I find online seems to be posted before MoP came out and could be outdated.
I believe it's still level 65 and the same level or higher as the pet being tamed. I haven't heard anything to the contrary that it's less than level 65.
Does anyone know for sure? Here it says lvl 65 and on other posts I have read lvl 69 to tame exotic pets. Are terms "exotic" and "rare" the same thing? Why is there not mention of this in the hunter section of the game guides? Please help if you know the answer. Thanks
I always thought it used to be 69. That was certainly the case before Mists. I haven't tried to tame an exotic with a hunter less than 85 recently though.

I don't see why they would change it from 69.
It's at 69

"Exotic" and "rare" are different things. Rare just means a rare spawn mob, which may have a unique skin. They are functionally identical to common mobs of the same type. Exotic pets are a group of BM-only pet types.
I'm very glad to get that cleared up. Thanks

Lv 69
Thank you
I tamed a Core Hound about four years ago. Came back...and suddenly I can't use it. I'm hoping to be able to at level 69...It's dumb. If I had it before I should be able to use it now.
I know that it is for certian above level 68 *Crosses fingers for 1 more level* Good Luck collecting ~_^
Necro more please.

(This thread has been necro'd 4 times now. The horse is buried, stop trying to kick it.)
patch 6.2 it will become level 10....................hooray
05/16/2015 05:44 AMPosted by Fadalia
patch 6.2 it will become level 10....................hooray
This makes #5
but it made me lol >.< and no that isn't me my i don't have a horde warlock...that is above 10
but it made me lol >.< and no that isn't me my i don't have a horde warlock...that is above 10
Google Cogshanks. Also there is other ways to verify.
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