To Reiterate: Golden Lotus Drops=F-A-I-L

Read it and weep, Blizz. Or, I suppose, laugh all the way to the bank.

There is way too much dependent on GL for such a lousy drop rate. I have had herbs at 600 for a few days now and have found a total of...3? All they way from 85-88. And I pick a LOT of herbs. My alchemist and scribe are drowning in the stuff.

F-I-X I-T!!!

We should not even have to ask...
They are fairly rare, but they can also be purchased with Spirits of Harmony and effectively grown in two different ways on your farm.

Also I've found over 30 so far, so they aren't anywhere near impossible to find. Prices on my server at least have gone down to anywhere from 250-325 per Golden Lotus, and I'm sure will continue to drop unless supply somehow becomes too slow to keep up with the demand of raiders wanting flasks.
I don't know, I have gotten a consistent 3 lotus from my SoH turn-ins.

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