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Upon logging in, mouse sensitivity seems to be reset back to a nearly unplayable state. Moving from one side of the screen to the other needs nearly 2 full swipes of the mouse pad.

I've got my sensitivity maxed in Warcraft, but it seems to be ignored. If I switch out, go to System Preferences and bump my sensitivity up one notch there and then immediately back down to where I started, everything is fine.

Minor nuisance, though I'd really like to not have to switch back to System Preferences every time I login to fix my mouse.
this actually happens cause of a window focus issue, i find if i don't even mess with settings, but switch to windowed mode, click on desktop once, then click back into wow, mouse sensivity is perfect again, then i can toggle back to windowed mode and play on.
Yep, I get this mouse sensitivity issue as well. It's dumb but I have taken to keeping System Preferences open all the time.
10/15/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Delibird
Yep, I get this mouse sensitivity issue as well. It's dumb but I have taken to keeping System Preferences open all the time.

see i just don't have that problem. it's always fixed by clicking out of wow window (into finder or another application) then back into wow. the in game sensitivity works when the window focus isn't bugged.
I have this issue as well. Mac is up to date, wow is up to date. Any solution on the horizon? I usually have to go to Mac settings and speed it up, and then in wow settings too.
have you tried simply toggling to windowed mode. clicking out of it onto finder, then clicking back in window? i do this every login and the problem just self resolves
I will certainly try that tonight.
NO, that doesn't work. It also changes the mouse speed in my Mac Preferences. I quit WoW and my mouse go to the middle setting, when I always have in on the fastest.
This should be address in 5.1. We're working on redoing the mouse coding and also expose some additional options in the game to help.

Are you setting the WoW mouse speed to what it is in the OS?
Still having this problem......
Did you try using the to use the OS Desktop Sensitivity? This was the option added in 5.1 to resolve these issues.

    1. Hit Escape (Esc) during gameplay to bring up the menu.
    2. Select Interface.
    3. Select Mouse
    4. Uncheck Enable Mouse Sensitivity

This will now use the same speed/acceleration as your Desktop/OS.
For anyone having issues with their mouse including button 4 & 5 functionality and movement acceleration, try SteerMouse. It allows you to assign the thumb buttons as a click function. It also allows you to set acceleration and sensitivity. It works and is free to try.

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