Feng the Accursed REVERSAL mechanic question

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Sadly haven't entered the first raid yet but will on Tuesday when Raid Finder is released, I want to know the first few fights.

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around a mechanic during Feng the Accursed.

1, When the tanks (I assume the tanks should be responsible for this) "click" on these....small objects on the ground that activate the abilities Nullification Barrier or Shroud of Reversal, do you have to do this every phase? Or, just once in the beginning?

2, During the phase Spirit of the Fist, a way of dealing with Epicenter is to have Shroud of Reversal cast on one of the tanks, let the tank take a hit of Lightning Fists, and then send Lightning Fists back at Feng as he starts to power up Epicenter, which essentially interrupts it.

How does this work in more detail? After one of the tanks "absorbs" Lightning Fists, does a pop up ability for Lightning Fists appear on your screen? So you can cast it at the right time?

Thank yoouuuuu!
I did this guy in a pug yesterday and they felt like ignoring the reversal stone for the offtank (me) since it didn't seem all that important.

I've read comments on these forums, that if you do actually stun that epicenter you can throw off the timing of some of Feng's abilities which can mess up the fight a bit for you later on, so given how easy it was for my raid to just heal and shield through epicenter, I just wouldn't bother at all with worrying about stunning.

This isn't to say I didn't try a bit with playing with reversal (which did boost my dps quite a bit when I used it with the lashes). What happens is you get a button on your screen that when clicked will use the reversal ability, which is a channeled ability with a 3 second cooldown, however if you pick up an ability with it then the CD increases to about 20 seconds, so if you are aiming for fist and pick up lash instead, you'll then have to use the lash and end up with the CD which will prevent you from being able to try at the fist ability for a bit.

That first phase goes by so fast though, I'm not sure what the point is in worrying about stunning the guy. It just seemed better to me to get the extra dps going, I felt a bit messy about getting lash going, yet I think lash ended up still adding about 8k dps to my damage in comparison to the attempts where we just ignored the reversal ability altogether.

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