Glaring Gear Imbalance Discrepency Revealed..

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It has recently dawned on me as to why there is all of a sudden so much fuss over imbalances and what is actually the problem seems to evade a less than thorough inspection.

One of the major problems with the itemization and acquiring of said items is the disparity between the rate which PvE gear can be accrued as opposed to PvP gear. By next week somebody lucky on rolls could be full Epics via Raids and LFR. Compounded by the fact that the Raid/Valor/Conquest is 2 tiers above Heroic Dungeon/Honor gear is the blisteringly horrific decision to make LFR gear a 13 ilvl difference in both directions of difference; essentially making it a tier on its own and exponentially making the problem worse. !!!!!!!!WTB LFBG!!!!!!!!!. Even if people were to get a 2000+ Arena rating right now in the coming weeks PvE gear will be acquired at a faster rate; and then there is the nail in the coffin which is heroic modes. Itemization so unpolished you would think the Diablo 3/Blizzard South team were responsible. (OH SICK BURN) I for one don't buy the poor logic and PR spins they give in the given blue posts on mmo-champ.

P.S. Remove EMFH Racial. HINT: There is no way to balance this ability.
What you just said makes no sense.
it makes perfect sense, the extra Ilvls are to compensate for the RNG factor.

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