What new pets or skins would you like to see?

Pet Battles
Safe to say, we've seen tons of toads, snakes, spiders, and rabbits while collecting and leveling. So what would you like to see added in upcoming patches?

For me:

A Loque'nak kitten skin for the snow cub.

A zhevra to go with my giraffe.

The little arcane sentinel toy in Silvermoon.
Tiger Cub! the model is already in the game (in Jade Forest) but we can't capture them :(

and I don't think we have enough snakes or spiders
basically the rest of the monsters in game, reskinned or altered to make them appealing in a miniature sense.
The little shoveltusk! And a cow. A plucker - as found in goblin starting area and TH.
I would also enjoy it if they were harder to get, either through a pet battle rep faction, token system, fight system or whatever. I've ground out almost all of the battlepets (too lazy to finish pandaria :P) and it seems a tad too easy to walk up to them and catch them at this stage.

It'd be neat to have pets associated with different factions, quests, a small but interesting vanguard of pet battle NPC's (trainers are nice, a little insufficient I feel). If the masters are in pandaria, it makes sense that the practice (in lore) results from their introduction to the world, and this would open up new fun ways to earn pets with more unique models (too many snakes and rats) and move sets that allow for better strategy.

Or just give me demon, scourge and faction related pets, that'll keep me happy for another week or so :3.
10/05/2012 04:48 PMPosted by Lianabena
A plucker - as found in goblin starting area and TH.

That reminded me. We need the elemental disc worms in the goblin area and deepholm.
I'd love a tiny voidwalker pet, or any demon actually.

Also: More mechanical and elemental pets to battle.
all I ever find are critters, beasts, and aquatic.
Orcs and gnomes are the only two races that don't offer any pets of their own. I think that should change. Orcs should give out a wolf pup (an actual pup, not the shrunken version of the standard wolf model) and gnomes should give out a mechanical sheep.

Also, we are long over due for a bronze whelp. A blue proto drake whelp would be nice too.

Also, a mini arcane construct, like the one that's been running around the Court of the Sun in Silvermoon since BC would be awesome.
I second the bronze whelp and it would also be nice to have a capturable version of the netherwhelp similar to what was done with the onyxian whelpling and spawn of onyxia...
infinite whelps. bronze whelps. a recolor (so people dont get mad) of the netherwhelps and the little skeleton-undead-whelplings.

I'd adore baby hydras. baby spiritbeasts. More humanoids, and more dragonkin out there. and magic. seems you cant find any at lower levels.

I think it'd be interesting to possibly find certain pets in certain dungeons and raids. maybe you have to enter firelands to get one of the elemental-dogs, or to get lava turtles.

and you know what i've always wanted? a little Precious or Stinky. I always thought those guys were freakin adorable!
Maybe a pet Shadowfiend? :)
oo, talbuks!!
An Abyssal.

Onyx Cloud serpentling.
Tiger Cub! the model is already in the game (in Jade Forest) but we can't capture them :(

and I don't think we have enough snakes or spiders

or scorpids or frogs or roaches and roaches dressed up as bettles.
i read about a "lil alexstrasza" - that might be cute and apparently its already been kinda made? baby twilight/chromatic drakes. i wouldnt mind ones that you also have to be a certain class to get, but will work account wide. Say, a deathknight can go to Archerus (however it's spelt) and learn a baby scourge. Or dependant on if you were alive or dead, or other set issues. Say, pets that only appear if youre a corpse and running around. A baby spirit guide?
I would like to see these as a pet: White Tiger Cub, Orange Tiger Cub, Azure Serpent Hatchling, Onyx Serpent Hatchling, and Litter of Xuen.

Especially with the Xuen cubs, they're already in game but they're currently not able to be battled and be caught. It actually fits with the theme of the Dojo, since Xuen himself is all about fighting and the style of fighting. Why wouldn't his cubs be usable for battle? It could be like the Serpent Hatchlings where you can only battle and capture them after you get exalted with either Shado-pan or the Celestials.
Baby lynx! I've wanted one since BC! They remind me of caracals... :-D
The netherwhelp is actually a collectors edition pet, not an event pet like the Ony whelp. But I think they did add in the same skin that the Wrath collectors edition came with. Chilly the Frost whelp, unless the scourged whelps look different. Granted, if they do that, I want the panda and murky models released =p
A mini mammoth.
I second the arcane guardian from Silvermoon... I have wanted one since the first time I visited that courtyard and saw that blood elf chick chasing it around the area.
I would really like to see wild versions of the CE pets. Make them hard to find like minfernal, fine. Just sucks that we'll never get a frost wyrm/netherwhelp.

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