No fun!

All i can say , the mage is simply no fun, set a side gear or dps or charts its not fun to play. it feels underpowered, week, slow, clunky,nothing new, no new spell animations even our glyphs all seem gear to frost and really nothing else imo
and say when u like but i know there are 1000s of mages that feel the same way !!!
try another class if your bored of mages because i don't think it will change
weak,underpowered??? mages can 1 shot. honestly mages need nerfing and badly
feels slow and clunky because you have no haste. Wait till you get better gear and it'll feel like it did. You cant expect 1.2sec fireballs in heroic dungeon gear. We'd be way op in raiding tiers if that was the case.
Mage Spell-Haste has been nerfed a lot in this patch.. so I feel your pain!

With my purple PvP gear reforged + trinks, I only manage to get to 13.41% Spell Haste, whereas in Cata I could reach 20% (with the option of going up to 23% if I reforged more away from my Crit stat).

Casting Frost Armor does raise my Spell Haste to 21.50% .. though my crit has suffered somewhat and sits at 13.26% (and around 18% buffed).
AHAHAHAHAH underpowred, OP go re-roll fmage and relearn your class, your damn decent! You guys are damn alright.
ITT people QQing about pvp in a pve thread and not understanding that OP doesn't mean it's fun.

Mage is not fun right now, I could care less that if all my spells decide to crit and globals someone or not.

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