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465 sPriest and 468 ret pally both capable of log ranking and listening are looking for a HORDE guild. any days are fine, as long as it doesnt include BOTH a wednesday and a monday, for example it can be wed/thurs/fri or mon/thurs/fri but not mon/wed/thurs

we both do what it takes to be the best we can, and we consistently pull good numbers while not standing in the bad stuff. I am capable of off-healing well, and the ret can off-tank too, we're both very comfortable in our off specs.

we are not looking for a new guild that's surfacing, we want an already established guild with no drama.
Just as a note to anyone interested in recruiting these two players. They spent two weeks in our guild, the ret paladin was garbage and was not only low for his gear but was being beaten in DS by a disc priest attonement spec on ultrax of all bosses (hence why we didn't accept his application), the priest is good but the behavior they exhibit is not worth keeping them around. The ret left because i chose not to accept him for a raid position based on his performance & to a lesser extent his attitude (he was quite pushy). At the first sign that he would not get his way Hugh & Mukal left the guild with 2 others that were rejected to make a 10m guild which collapsed not even a day into raids, infact they disbanded on stone guard and now this thread is here.

By recruiting these players you are inviting drama into your guild, so be forewarned.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thaurissan/Hughmad/advanced - Priest

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thaurissan/Mcmukal/advanced - Paladin

Just FYI the paladin was carried to 8/8H by us. If you want anymore information about these two if you are interested in recruiting them feel free to contact me ingame via whisper or via my battletag (Alemenara#1239)

Best of luck hugh, I hope you don't screw your next leader like you screwed me.
Alemenara is just butthurt that he can't manage a guild and all of his top players left cause they were sick of his !@#$.
10/06/2012 03:21 PMPosted by Mcmukal
Alemenara is just butthurt that he can't manage a guild and all of his top players left cause they were sick of his !@#$.

Lol i lost an ele shaman that was bottom half, i lost a ret paladin that couldn't beat a disc priets and a shadow priest that was 6th-10th on the meters. YUP LOST MY BEST PLAYERS... WOE IS ME... WHAT WILL I DO NOW!
Alemenara is a top person/player/raider; go home trolls.

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